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Hardwell, Afrojack, Chocolate Puma, carnival thematic and an improvised B2B between David Guetta himself and the #1 DJ according to DJ Mag, seems enough to build an historic night.

But somehow, this Hardwell and Ushuaia story doesn’t show to be working, at least judging by a weak attendance, only making this hotel look really crowded during Hardwell’s set, from 22h to 24h.

In the end, the show was quite acceptable:
Chocolate Puma played an accurate warm-up, with the top future house and groove of the moment. But the crowd didn’t seem to be interested in (too instrumental for that public, maybe). Afrojack stayed at his 2015 average; same intro structure, some groovy progressive and electro, great vocal game at build-ups and a little of dirty dutch highlights for his original fans. Far from his best, but could have been an enjoyable set if the crowd would have tried. They seemed to be only waiting for Hardwell.

Hardwell played a good set, but nothing special. Intense intro and starting, functional B2B with Guetta, and after that went banger after banger without story (Even though it had been anthems, you can’t still playing two drops of Bad and Yee in 2015). When the crowd woke up with Adagio for Strings he made the smart move of playing classics such as Show Me Love, Sandstorm or Heads Will Roll. He premiered a sweet progressive vocal track and closing with Spaceman is always nice, but this average set could be improved with some weapons left, like Music Box, Sally or any Dyro exclusive.

Light-show and fireworks made it look beautiful, but that’s not going to make the night unforgettable, music has. If you were there, you can’t say it was boring or it was mediocre, but since Hardwell reached the #1 spot his music content has never been as special as it was when he seemed to be hungry. Another annoying point is the descompensated promotion for probably, the most balanced line-up of the summer for Hardwell’s Carnival. Afrojack didn’t recieve the treatment of the superstar he is and Chocolate Puma weren’t announced as the future house sensation they have become.

We’ll have enough season to promote only Hardwell when the line-up it’s not that attractive, but this may be a lost opportunity to engage real fans.

So, it was good, but meanwhile someone is considered the number in something, the expectations are higher than just good.