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Dutch super-star Martin Garrix has seen 2015 become a year of establishment, gaining huge respect from artists and fans alike.  His set at Electric Daisy Carnival at the Las Vegas Speedway earlier last month drew in one of the biggest crowds at the event, reflecting his massive global appeal.

Garrix’s partnership with 7Up has seen increased productions giving insight into the young Dutchman’s touring schedule. His latest upload see’s a compilation of drool-worthy shots from his time in Vegas throughout the whole weekend, stitched together with classy graphical effects, providing a classy final production. With cameo appearances from Tiesto, Calvin Harris, Avicii and Alesso at the festival and the Omnia nightclub, Garrix’s status amongst the electronic elite is given tangible evidence. The clip’s soundtrack features his upcoming collaboration with Matisse & Sadko, “Dragon”, a rifting progressive dance-floor banger, providing the final touches to the 90 seconds that will make you desire to go to EDC Vegas in 2016!


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