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Tropical house giant Kygo has just released a new melodically soothing collaboration with vocalist Ella Henderson titled ‘Here for You’. Fresh of his collaboration with Dillion francis for his latest Ep ‘Coming over’, Kygo has delivered yet another master class in the pop/deep house collaboration.

The track features a plucked arpeggiated chord progression that doubles as the main melody of the track coupled with a light, percussion dominated drum sequence to give the track a very beachy, summer vibe. The soothing vocals that glide seamlessly with the instrumental progression produce an uplifting yet calm effect as the track moves from the intro/bridge to the main hook.

If that’s not enough to please you, Tropical meastro has uploaded a preview of his long-awaited take-on Of Monsters And Men’s astonishing record “Dirty Paws”, features shimmering vocals from the indie/folk band and typical Kygo production we all admire.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Kygo seems to have a net worth of $5 million and increasing as we speak. This guy is skyrocketing!