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Swedish House Mafia getting hacked is something many of us wouldn’t have expected. It almost baffles the mind as to why someone would even do it.
On Tuesday this week, their Facebook page became active after a long while of inactivity. Which in itself is either suspicious or a sign of the beloved trio uniting once more. And sadly the latter isn’t the reality. Our hopes and dreams were quickly dismissed as a mere troll.
The Swedish giants have amassed a following of over 800 million on their Facebook over the years; the hackers decided to share their click-bait links with the devotees. Containing explicit images of Miley Cyrus, the links were aimed at an R rated audience. This isn’t the first time something like this has happened, Alesso too experienced a similar incident on his Facebook page recently. It seems that the hackers have a peculiar incline towards the Swedish market; Eric Prydz better not be next.