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It is truly one of the unexpected collaborations which got confirmed this time, but DJ Snake took to twitter to reveal that an upcoming production alongside Kaskade is in the works. As we can learn from previous releases, unexpected collaborations such as this one are the ones who stand out.

Kaskade is without a doubt one of the most unique artists within the dance music scene. With his wide range of musical soundscapes, fans can never be sure what direction he will take with his next release. Teaming up with Trap figurehead DJ Snake this time, the new collaboration is porbably expected to lead towards trap influenced beats.

Whatever direction they hit with their latest production, and considering DJ Snakes latest releases and collaborations such as “Middle”, “Lean On” or “You Know You Like It”, it’s a safe bet that it will be a banger throughout. For the moment, no official release date has been set yet, but we will keep you informed regarding the the completion of their collaboration.

H/T: Dancing Astronaut