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Upcoming producer Ms. Unicorn has lately caught the attention of numerous listeners from around the world. After stunning the world with a deep house tune “Basic Bitch”, Ms. Unicorn continued her hot streak with the release of a future house masterpiece titled “The Darkest Part of Me”. Back with another superb track, Ms. Unicorn recently released her own take on the disco hit “Funky Town”.

Consisting of the original version’s classic female vocals, the track certainly takes us down to memory lane and brings a lot of energy from its funky disco sounds. Ms. Unicorn then adds her own flavor to the song, which consists of lively house elements and infectious beats. With its flawless combination of old-school and fresh sounds, Ms. Unicorn’s remix of “Funky Town” is an absolute must-hear that will undeniably make anyone dance from start to finish.

The track is out now for free, which you can download here.