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The Martin Garrix Show has gotten off to a hot start this year. Viewers have seen Martin fly out to South Africa where he spent some quality time with loyal fans, and have also seen him take viewers behind the scenes leading up to his Ultra Miami set, earlier this year.

Episode 4 takes a different turn. The episode focuses on Martin’s production team more so than Martin himself, giving viewers an insight into what makes Martin’s team tick. As seen in previous episodes, light show rehearsals often take place in Martin’s hotel room. However, this time, Martin and his team take over a Los Angeles warehouse, to fully prepare for what would be an epic Coachella performance.

More often than not, DJ’s gain the majority of attention and credit, while their production teams go unnoticed. The episode truly depicts that the production team share the same burning passion that Martin posseses, to create the best possible experience for fans, proving just how valuable the team behind the DJ really is.

Watch The Martin Garrix Show: Season 2, Episode 4 below!