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Another one of the rising production enthusiasts making the cut among the ones picked up by International labels is Mumbai based producer Vade. The Indian producer has cropped up in the eyes of the folks at Deorro‘s Panda Funk imprint and has landed a place among their ‘Free The Pandas‘ – a free downloads label run under the main imprint – releases with his debut track titled ‘Throne’. With help from the vocal shift put in by Arizona resident and singer/songwriter Nino Lucarelli, whose abilities are well appreciated by the likes of Hardwell, Nicky Romero and The Chainsmokers, the two talented artists are now looking to pip the fellow releases on label.

‘Throne’ is quintessentially a release that is well washed with undercurrents of a production style that has been prominent in the past year itself. Guided by cushion like piano chords from Vade, the track opens with somber and mature vocal work put in Lucarelli. As things get more detailed and the carefully carved notes take over, the track delivers a break-beat style drop that seethes with an overpowering melody – making it a more listener oriented track as opposed to being a festival eyecather. A sound and proper debut from the Indian producer, ‘Throne’ sets up Vade and Nino at a steady and forward looking position in their respectively budding careers.

You can purchase Vade and Nino Lucarelli’s ‘Throne’ from iTunes here.