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Any longstanding trance fan will always remember the time when Tiësto stood apart as one of the leaders of the genre, as he gained prominence in the music industry through his early trance productions such as “Traffic” and “Love Comes Again”. Back in 2005, the Dutchman turned the heart of Amsterdam into one iconic party that will live long in the memories of those lucky enough to have witnessed it. Before the days of iPhones and selfie sticks, there was nothing but the crowd, the DJ, and the music – and this set shows what a simpler time it was for music fans.

With people of all ages in attendance, the one of a kind event was hosted by Radio 555 to raise money for victims of the tsunami that had just hit Asia at the time. Midway through his set, during the breakdown of the iconic ‘Adagio for Strings’ nonetheless, Tiesto even makes his way down to the crowd to give out a signed record to a lucky fan. The 40-minute set is pure trance bliss, featuring tracks such as ‘Traffic’ from the Dutchman himself, as well as Fred Baker’s ‘Total Blackout’ and M.I.D.O.R. & Six4Eight’s ‘No Man’s Land’, much to the crowd’s delight.

Check out the legendary night live from Dam Square below, and watch Tiesto deliver one of his most memorable sets of his career.