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Another one making a sturdy mark for himself in the Italian dance music scene, Puglia based DJ and producer Phillip Maizza has been doing his bit to catch the right eyes and ears from the industry. While 2017 saw him release top notch remixes for the likes of Galantis‘ ‘Hunter‘ and Charlie Puth’s hit track ‘Attention,’ the Italian is now looking to take a step further for the new year with a remix of a Zedd production. Now we see him take on Zedd’s stellar collaboration with American duo Grey and singer/songwriter Maren Morris titled ‘The Middle,’ released last month on Interscope Records.

Kicking off with the sumptuously luscious vocals from Morris, Maizza borrows brilliantly from the original mix to reshape it into a joyful and upbeat House track – taking the pop hit out for run with swirly and twisting synth notes. A chirpy take on Zedd’s original piece, Maizza’s rendition is assuredly more enjoyable and makes for great listening experience with its flurry melody and pitch perfect production. While the original has its own merits and adaptability for the mass consumption, Phillip Maizza’s take on ‘The Middle’ has adeptly showcased once again why the numerous remixes are the real allure of his steadily increasing musical output.

You can download the track for free here.