A rave on The Great Wall Of China? Pros and cons

Yinyang Music Festival is a new rave inspired festival, which will throw their second edition this year, that should take place on one of 7 wonders of the ancient world on June 20-22nd. This has been on the web for days now an has caused some mixed opinions, but we would like to make a list to contrast all the pros and cons of this idea.

Starting up:

Why should we let the Yinyang festival take place?

1. Parties, festivals and concerts have already taken place on The Great Wall of China.

Yes, it is true. This ancient world wonder started its construction even from the 7th century B.C, and they were jointed to make a bigger and more majestic one between 220-226. Of course the organisers of Yinyang won’t pick the weakest part of the Wall. In terms of resistance to all the installation and the crowd, the Wall should be able to handle all that. Having resisted for all this time now, it has been used for war purposes but also for celebrations, which include traditional chinese parties that have been organized for centuries now.

2- It is a very exotic and original place to organize an event such as a rave inspired festival.

Well, it definitely is. Exotic places will always be winning the attention, not only from ravers, but from every single human being. Imagine 2000 ravers (the number of people participating in the event, to prevent any issues) dancing to the beat, having a great time on one of the most important places in the whole world. Sounds like an amazing deal, we do have to admit that.

3- If everybody turns on every electronic device’s flashlight, their lighters or glow sticks, we should be able to see it from space!

Ok, that sounds undoubtedly awesome. Nothing else to say

Why shouldn’t we let the Yinyang take place?

1- It a historical monument, recognized as one of the seven ancient wonders.

This says it all, we probably shouldn’t get involved with any historical monuments. Imagine the typical drunken raver “bros” throwing their beers everywhere, turning off their cigarrettes on the floor, doing drugs and leaving all the “stuff” behind. Doesn’t sound very respectful to us. And if your argument against this is that there will be security checking on that… well excuse me but the most important festivals around the world count with professional security as well, and still, more than a couple of persons die every year from drug use.

2- How disrepectful can it be for the chinese people?

There’s always this to take in consideration. We always watch movies and see how destruction is brought to people’s homeland, or even “modern civilization”, which could include nightclubs, modern buildings,  as we know it nowadays, which could include nightclubs, modern buildings, etc. We always feel bad and criticize the “bad guys” in the movie, but when we do it to organize a rave, it sounds ok? Let’s think through about this one.

3- Let’s imagine we organize this event on the most important historical monument in your respective countries.

Can you picture a rave being organized on the Chichen Itzá pyramid? In the ruins of the Acropolis in Athens? In Angkor, Cambodia? On the tomb of the unknown soldier under the Ark of Triumph? Or maybe in the Taj Mahal’s gardens? Or even at the Sultan Ahmed’s Mosque in Istanbul? We are aware that these were not built for the same reasons, but we do think that the Mexican government for instance wouldn’t be very happy that some rave would be thrown on their historical pyramid.



It’s up to us to decide whether we like the idea or not, and there you have it. The pros and cons of throwing a rave party on The Great Wall of China. We invite you to give your opinions.


And if you’re interested in the event, you can check out the official aftermovie from last year’s edition.






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