Alesso premieres Maroon 5 remix at EDC Vegas 2015

One of many Sweden’s seminal producers, Alesso just released his brand new album ‘Forever’ and is still not getting a rest. He wants more than that, and dropped a magnificent remix of the american rock pop band, Maroon 5.

The Swedish wonder producer is delivering one undeniable greatly produced track with his remix of “This Summer Is Going To Hurt Like A Motherf****r”. We got a marvelous melody on this one, just as Alesso has us used to, of course Adam Levine‘s legendary vocals, with what seems to be an energetic bassline, and the result is one of those Alesso tracks you know are going to be huge. This is going to be a radio hit, because we all know that when Alesso decides to remix a very well known band, the result will always be positive.

This year’s EDC Vegas was definitely one festival with an enormous amount of huge surprises, and Alesso is no newcomer to its spotlight, but this year we got another of those amazing Alesso remixes, and that says it all.

Sadly, there are no news about a possible release date or just a preview of the track, so all we can do is to sit back and relish on what we do have.




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