Ansolo & Pierce Fulton started a tech collaboration named “Shirts & Skins”

Many of you knows that Ansel ‘Ansolo‘ Elgort is not just an Hollywood promising actor, but he seems to have a bright future even in his second passion: electronic music! He announced on his social networks the departure of the collaboration with Brooklyn-based producer Pierce Fulton under the name of “Shirts and Skins”.

Ansel presented this project as a ‘tech group’: very strange thinking that both components produce different genres, but hearing their first track, it’s possible to recognize their signature sound. Their remix of ‘Same Old Place’, originally made by sweden group Genius Of Time, is full with the progressive touch of Pierce Fulton and Ansolo’s groovy elements: combined with classical house sounds, this track will definitely put your mind on a musical trip!

The two producers are in a great moment: Pierce Fulton has just released ‘Lost Time‘, the vocal approach of his 2014 anthem ‘Kuaga’, while Ansolo has taken another step to accomplish his mission to ‘bring back the groove’ with his last free download intitled ‘The Right Stuff‘. With this collaboration he seems to have one more goal: he also wants to ‘bring back house music’.

Grab your free copy here.

5 years ago i didn't know why music was so popular among my peers: going back in time, i realized that i was in love with EDM even without having heard about this term... My journey in electronic music started hearing track like "Avicii - Silhouettes" and "Sebastian Ingrosso & Alesso - Calling (Lose My Mind)", then everyday i'm stepping forward digging in this beautiful universe and We Rave You was a game changer for my purpose. Now i'm proud to represent this site and to share infos to someone with my same goal

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