Axwell Λ Ingrosso deliver a new summer anthem with “Sun Is Shining”

Axwell Λ Ingrosso. With those names being written, we already are expecting something big, and that’s exactly what we are getting.

After playing it all around the world in the most important festivals, they are back with a brand new melodic masterpiece, featuring the swedish talent Salem Al Fakir, who’s no newcomer to the scene, having worked with other superstar DJs such as Avicii. The swedish pioneers of electronic music, who are nowadays considered as an essential part of the EDM scene are previewing their brand new melodic track along with the internationally recognized brand H&M. The company is promoting the dynamic duo and their song along with their summer collection. If you’re now interested in checking out their summer collection, we suggest to you to head to their webpage, which can be found here:

Here’s the video for the campaign so can check it out by yourself, however, if you’re not that much into seeing girls in bikini on the beach, we suggest you to watch the artist’s trailer which we are including as well below.


The track is recognized to be part of their upcoming debut album as a duo, accompanied with other tracks we already know such as “Can’t Hold Us Down” or the still unreleased “This Time We Can’t Go Home (feat.  Pusha T). We still do not know much about the album by itself, but we are sure of one thing, that Sun Is Shining is a very promising song which will absolutely be one of the biggest (if not the biggest) summer anthem of 2015. With Salem Al Fakir’s beautiful vocals along with the energetic synths and the whole majestic production behind this track, we already  are getting the summer chills and can easily picture ourselves listening to it while on the beach, or at one of the main festivals around the world.

On the other hand, old school fans of those two iconic producers could be a bit disappointed with the pop-ish track being released, as they were likely waiting for a more housy production coming from Axwell and Sebastian. Let’s hope we will still be seeing “old school” content from two of the biggest names in the scene, but let’s enjoy what we get for now, which is an absolutely astonishing song with very catchy vocals and a stunning melody.

With no doubt, the iconic duo has increased the anxiety of their fans to get their hands on the album, only by previewing this masterpiece and we are looking forward to it as well!

Available June 12th .


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