Bingo Players – Curiosity

Bingo Players lets loose his ‘Curiosity’ with an amazing track which is tipped to be a great anthem over the festival season!

The single follows in the footsteps of the massive club single ‘Nothing To Say’ that received widespread superstar support and garnered worldwide critical acclaim from the likes of popular DJ’s.

This dancefloor classic has his signature build ampin up the energy and then culminating in a finely tuned tailor-made drop. The jaunty and melodic production features a soulful female vocal anchoring the top line of the track, while a varied and undulating bassline provides the place for your fanciest footwork to exist. With the build-ups and the cool, catchy piano melodies, it’s sure to send chills down your back at how smooth they are. It is all tipped off with a future house style finish to the drop.

Released on Bingo Players own imprint ‘Hysteria’, you won’t be able to get this song out of your head.