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Cleavage – Can’t Get Enough

Cleavage is back again! This time, releasing what will be another popular track for certain ‘Can’t Get Enough’. Naming themselves Cleavage was always going to be a real eye opener for people as they wonder what the hell is going on, but the music that comes with it is the talking point, not the name. This year has seen releases on Musical Freedom and Spinnin’ Deep and that is where they return for the rather brilliant new track ‘Can’t Get Enough’.
It’s the perfect title for the perfect song. When we listened to it we actually ‘couldn’t get enough’. It has those organ like sounds with a touch of old skool rave which adds a really different dynamic to the track. It contains stunning vocals that really does make this a sweet vocal deep house track. Every DJ needs this in their set as it’ll go down well with the crowd as the balance between the break and the drop is worked to perfection. It’s Cleavage’s third single and it’s obviously their best work to date. It’s going to make a big hit on the scene. Don’t forget to check out the video here .
 Available now on Beatport .