Dada Life – One Last Night On Earth

“Why haven’t I heard any new releases from Dada Life?” I believe this is a question that came to our minds as we approach the festival season. The rulers of Dada Land ran into a speed bump when Olle Corneér was diagnosed with cancer. Though tragic, they kept up their DJ-ing work and hosted events in places such as Miami and Las Vegas. Right when us fans got slightly concerned about the production aspect of their EDM career, Dada Life reassured us that their position in the scene remains solid.

The happiest DJ duo, released the single “One Last Night On Earth” just recently. Instead of another festival banger that we would normally expect from them, Dada Life surprises us with a chill electronic track that gives us the perfect summer vibes. With the melodic vocals, this song will make it into many DJ’s sets as remixes in the near future.

Differing from their usual style, “One Last Night On Earth” brings us fans a refreshing feeling. This track would definitely be a great addition to your summer playlist!