Dash Berlin & Syzz – This Is Who We Are

Dash Berlin pairs with up-and-coming Dutch duo Syzz for his latest release, bringing the happy atmosphere Berlin has become renowned and loved for worldwide. With empowering vocals that transitions the song towards it’s catchy melodic progression, ‘This is Who We Are’ is destined as a summer essential for all Berlin and Syzz fans.

Harmonic piano chords underlie the layered vocals, breaking the track in before the inception of its rhythmic yet distorted progressive surge. Accompanied with a light kick-drum and claps, the mood of the production reflects the relatively simple composition. The emphasis on vocal inclusion creates a united atmosphere, leaving listeners with a warm sense of satisfaction.

The track is the Dutch artists second collaboration after their single “Leave It All Behind” saw it featured in Berlin’s latest album. With continued success, we are sure to see the two combine again the future, and with results like these, it’s hard to deny we’re not excited about the prospect!

Available now on Itunes .


Expat living in New Zealand with a keen ear for the pure form of progressive house and a passion for the electronic scene in general. Fingers crossed you like this site as much as me!

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