Dyro drops a new electro hit “Pure Noise”

Dutch heavyweight is striking once again with a dirty electro track. As played by his mentor Hardwell at UMF 2015, Dyro is now releasing one his most awaited bangers so far. This is “Pure Noise”.

“Pure Noise” is the perfect formula as used by Dyro, catchy melody, huge build up and enormous drop. This will certainly be played more than a couple of times during this festival season, and of course at Tomorrowland. The rich synthetizers used in the track are purely typical of Dyro, but there’s a little twist this time. If we listen carefully to the drop we may encounter a resemblance with the Knife Party sort of drop, but with a characteristic energy and kick from the dutch DJ. We’re not saying he did copy on Knife Party, just that the resemblance is attiring and makes us fall in love even more with Dyro’s style. It’s one of those brutal Dyro tracks, and we know for sure that when the beat drops it will make jump the whole crowd. One more thing about this track, it’s the number 10 release of his amazing label WOLV.

Out now on Beatport .


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