Eric Prydz

Eric Prydz Pulls Our Heart-Strings Again

‘True’ progressive house has regularly become distorted with its characteristics being incorporated into ‘mainstream’ outlets and production, such as rising symphonic melodies, with it’s purest form often being forgotten and overlooked.

Eric Prydz is a name synonmous with progressive house, the real stuff. The stuff that makes your hairs raise, your senses heightened into a transcendence state and the repeat button become an infinite action. A pioneer for the genre and it’s popularity, his work as the Alias’ Cirez D and Pryda have also reflected his ability to experiment other styles and dimensions of the genre.

Headlining the Circuit Grounds stage, Prydz delivered another stellar hour-long set. While many would argue it’s not long enough to justify the mans talent, he came pretty damn close to doing so. Taking the crowd through a progressive catalogue of quality, past and present, he ended on a future note. More specifically a note on his future.

While a few ID’s appeared, the final 8 minutes saw the introduction of a new masterpiece. Another soaring construction of sound Prydz endlessly perfects in his meticulous approach to production. While no details have been released yet, there’s little doubt one of the Godfathers of the modern musical era will have fans waiting eagerly awaiting any details.

Listen to his entire set here:

Listen to those blissful final 8 minutes here:

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