Find your raver soulmate with this new dating app

How interesting, a new dating app that bases its results on the events you attend. Dating apps are at the top of their game lately, with names such as Badoo or Tinder, love can now be found right away if you take your phone out.

Now imagine finding your soulmate depending on which type of events you attend… how cool is that? Let us introduce you to Glance.

Glance’s algorithms are based on the events you attend, and if you find someone who is going to the same event,break the ice and invite them to join you to that special rave!

Sadly, Glance is at its beta version, being available only in the Netherlands, however, don’t be disappointed guys, Glance is looking forward to expand as fast as possible to as many countries as they can possibly do. Another thing to point out, is that if you give them your email adress with your contry, they will obviously notice that this specific country is more than willing to welcome with open arms their new dating app.

If you’re a lucky dutch or you simply want to know a bit more about this new app, we highly suggest you to head to Glance‘s website.



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