Galantis launch their debut album ‘Pharmacy’

Anyone else hear the echoes of Daft Punk’s Homework and Discovery albums?
Refreshing, is a word that has often been associated with the music geniuses Daft Punk over the years. From the inception of their first two albums, to their iconic festival sets, Daft Punk brought about a newer, more stimulating, invigorating approach to music for the global music community. And now there’s a new duo on the disks following a similar path. Galantis.

Since “Smile” first played, a congregation of those seeking a more evolved flavour within the electronic music wave began to develop, finding sanctuary and solace in their gentle chords, mellow sounds, progressive melodies and the warm atmosphere’s created.

Both members have seen success in their musical productions in the past, much of which has been stated and then repeated with their rise to fame and mainstream airplay. However, to prove themselves and find Galantis’ characterising elements, an EP was created. But the new projects creativity didn’t source from a generic studio and experimentation until something stuck. Oh no. They tucked themselves away on a remote island, for weeks, connecting themselves with the wilderness, a greater purity as it were, finding inspiration for their organic music, and the now mastered ‘Galantis effect’ – one of, if not the, defining characteristic of their work today.

The mixture and seamless blend of anonymous female, male and robotic vocals, layered upon one another, has culminated with some emphatic results. As if the power and harmony of a choir had been channeled towards the EDM frequency. And what’s more, the words sung have meaning, something often not associated with modern music today.

Their EP demonstrated their ability to captivate an audience, a difficult accomplishment in the music scene, especially that of EDM. Ranging from the comparatively humble “Revolution” to the empowering “You”, Galantis had somehow managed to capture the soulful nature of much of the timeless music today. And that is no easy feat. And thankfully this didn’t go unrecognized, with Dada Life, Diplo, Kaskade, Steve Angello, Tiesto, and even radio legend Pete Tong, all endorsing the new lads on the block.

Which brings us to today. Where Galantis’ debut album, Pharmacy, has just dropped. Named in reference to music feeling like more of an addictive drug than a hobby for the duo, Pharmacy has seen serious hype and satisfaction from its fans. Arguably a euphoric reaction. Each track is accompanied by a unique ‘Seafox’, the tangible embodiment and symbol of the duo’s approach to production today. While they follow a similar format to most modern electronic tracks, the layering, sounds, transitioning, vocals and general ethos help not only create their music, but also show their pure incentives – too make damn good music.

Whether a softer track like “Water” or one with a more ‘athematic’ approach like “In My Head”, listeners are left satisfied, craving more of the ‘gold dust’ Galantis manage to curate and blend into their new album.

With “Runaway (U&I)” heading the ship, Galantis’ popularity has multiplied several times over. With two videos accumulating over 17 million views each on Youtube for the lead single alone, “Gold Dust” and “Peanut Butter Jelly” have seen significant traction on release compared to their earlier singles. And with a complete track release with the album, fans can look forward to indulging themselves in the full Galantis experience. For 49 minutes and 24 seconds to be exact. And while some would argue it’s not long enough, it’s not a bad place to start.

What makes their rise to popularity so satisfying for many of its fans and followers, is that it’s sourced from repeated quality production of a variety of composition, not just a ‘Martin Garrix’ where a specific song has acclaimed a remarkable amount of plays across all digital formats. That’s not to take anything from Garrix, or his production today, which has taken a new angle incorporating a wider range of styles, but serves as an example to symbolise the talent of Galantis and their uniqueness within the increasingly saturated EDM scene. Repeated top listings on sites such as Shazam, Spotify, and Stereogum reflect the breadth of their support, and the fondness the music community greets the Seafox duo and their production with.

Infused with character, a memorability as it were, Galantis has achieved the seemingly near impossible, an EDM album where each track is genuinely listenable, a place to lose yourself for 3-5 minutes at a time. A crafted balance of melodic anthems, festival kick-starters and rich, relaxing tunes, the standard set for rest of the scene is undeniably high. And while other sub-genres and styles will always differ in presentation and following, Galantis have proven an ear for quality, and character is inevitably highly appreciated and respected. Much like Daft Punk all those years ago.

– You can download Pharmacy now from iTunes and Google Play Store

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