Goosebump alert: Ultra South Africa’s aftermovie is here

Just to kick off, this may sincerely be one of the best aftermovies Ultra has released until now. The aftermovie features youngster Martin Garrix as the main artist of it, with 2 collaborations of him along the iconic duo Mattise & Sadko as the soundtrack.

The aftermovie begins with Martin Garrix telling his own story, as Ultra South Africa 2014 was his very first time being on the mainstage of a festival, very inspiring, really. Plus, the shots in charge of Final Kid mastermind Charly Friedrichs, are beautiful beyond words.

This aftermovie is a whole journey, and it will make you smile during the whole thing, because of the joy of the assistants and the DJs. Stunning Ultra, stunning. The production of the aftermovie is pure perfection in every way possible, goosebumps guaranteed.

Oh, and there’s more. Video quality is at 4k… like what is that? Ultra HD (lame non intended pun)? Well, it means quality is at 2160, and if you know nothing about this kind of things like me, it’s exactly the double of the quality of a Blu-Ray. How awesome is that? So plug your computer to your TV and enjoy this amazing journey!

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