Hardwell – ‘Revealed Volume 6’ Album Mini Mix

Robbert Van De Corput, aka Hardwell is on a roll this year. After the succesful release of his debut album “United We Are”, getting mixed reviews but still being liked by the general public. He does not show any signs to be stopping and it seems like this year he still wants the #1 spot. We can tell you that with Revealed Volume 6, the dutch DJ will be gaining lots of votes for the DJ Mag poll of this year.

Hardwell brings both the classics back along with brand new banging tracks, with the likes of Dannic, DallasK, Henry Fong & Futuristic Polar Bears, Thomas Newson & Joey Dale, Nom De Strip, Lucky Date, W&W (and many more) and the exclusive of 2 of his upcoming tracks.

One of them, is the most anticipated IDs of Ultra Music Festival Miami this year, his long awaited collaboration with his fellow dutch friend Dannic, titled ‘Survivor’. The other one is a collaboration many of us wouldn’t have imagined, the other producer that worked on the track is house maestro Wiwek, who’s a newcomer to Hardwell’s label. This shows us once again that Hardwell is willing to explore new genres and not stick out to the same big room formula. Together, they will be dropping Chamaleon, a very original but hyped up track. Being objective, as expected, the bigger part of the album is big room, but sticking to the objectivity of this review, it is very well made big room, and it actually feels kind of fresh (with the exception of some tracks which seem to be a bit unoriginal).

As we said, some classics are being included, such as a mashup of the still amazing vocals of the australian vocalist Amba Shepherd on ‘Apollo’ with the brand new ‘Bassface’, a collaboration between upcoming producers JAGGS and Alpharock.

Hardwell keeps trying to get his young producers to the top, including names such as Karim Mika & Moe Aly, Maddix, Row Rocka, to name a few. It’s always nice to get a refreshing sound and this album will most certainly delivering it.

Whether you like Hardwell or not, you cannot deny that this album looks very promising and that many of the tracks are absolute bangers, and that the album feels like a huge comeback to all the criticism the dutch superstar has been getting. We will be looking forward to put this album on repeat, because let’s be honest, by the looks of the mini-mix, this looks like it will be one of the best Revealed albums so far. Stay tuned for more information on the individual releases of the tracks, and let us know what you think about this new compilation!

If you haven’t heard the mini-mix yet, do not wait much longer to do so, we will be leaving it down here.

Available June 9th .

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