Jack Ü & Justin Bieber – Where Are Ü Now (Official Video)

After the huge success of the hit in charge of Skrillex & Diplo for the production, and the Biebs on the vocals (which is still making a scandal, take it easy guys), ‘Where Are Ü Now’ is finally getting an official video, and it only features Justin Bieber, but the video is very creative and let’s face it, it’s kinda awesome.

The video came as an open invitation to Jack Ü fans to graffiti by themselves Justin Bieber’s person, and the result is really incredible. With a really cool concept and a crazy production, the video was acclaimed by fans from both fandoms, the ‘EDM’ scene and the Beliebers, which caused a bit of conflicts on social networks, because that’s how internet works, of course. And guess who got interest in the track, the lord and savior of all the trolls in the scene: deadmau5. Here’s how deadmau5 reacted when he first heard the top charting track.

Controversy kept on growing, and deadmau5 did not lose the opportunity to answer some tweets about the hate he loved to receive.

Anyhow, the video was a huge success, and both Jack Ü and Bieber’s fans seem to be really happy about it, especially the ones who got featured in it. I know it sounds painful to some of you to watch Justin Bieber during a few minutes on screen, but it is definitely worth it. The video is a modern piece of art.

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