KSHMR proudly presents his latest hit “Jammu”

Niles Hollowell-Dhar, who recently decided to unmask himself on the stage of this year’s edition of Ultra Music Festival in Miami, by helping out the legendary Tiësto to drop their hit collaboration “Secrets” on the festival’s mainstage, got really emotional announcing one of his most anticipated tracks – ‘Jammu’. He published the following on his official Facebook page:

“I proudly present JAMMU. This song is the most personal of my career, I’ve poured my heart into its creation and music video. If you support me, I ask you buy it on Beatport so I may continue this journey of KSHMR. Thank you and respect always.”

It is important to mention that Jammu is the name of the artist’s hometown, situated in India, even though he was born in the United States, so you can understand his statement. He is also asking you to support him, only by buying his track on Beatport. If there’s one producer who deserves your money, it certainly is KSHMR, so we encourage you as well to support him.

Nevertheless, KSHMR is becoming one of the biggest names in the scene, remaining for a long time in the shadows of his anonymity, and now being unmasked, KSHMR is staying true to his beliefs, which is in a big proportion his love for music. We can tell the difference when a producer puts some heart and soul into what he is doing rather than spending a few hours in the studio to make a Beatport Top 10. With “Jammu”, Niles is transmitting his love for India, both in his new progressive masterpiece and its official video.

KSHMR is giving you one of the most beautiful tracks of the year so far, with a really emotional feeling to it, coming from the wonderful melody and the very enjoyable vocals which give the track a really oriental touch.

Thank you KSHMR for staying true to your beliefs and putting so much love on every single one of your tracks.

Available now on Beatport .

Enjoy the official video, but if you’re too emotional get ready to get on a journey of feels.

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