Major Lazer & DJ Snake’s “Lean On” gets a major treatment from Merk & Kremont vs. Dirty Ducks

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Here we have them, all the amazing remixes, bootlegs, and mashups of the #1 most streamed song worldwide on Spotify. We can say for sure that Major Lazer did accomplish to make one of their biggest hits with Lean On. Even though the original track has been very criticized, for the enormous resemblance of the drop of the other global hit, Turn Down For What, we cannot deny that at least the vocals of the song are very catchy and they get everybody pumped up everywhere it is played.

As premiered on Hardwell On Air, this time Dirty Ducks teams up with the globally supported Merk & Kremont, and as expected this remix is pure fire. With powerful kicks in charge of Dirty Ducks and the energetic drop by Merk & Kremont, we can delight ourselves with a powerful remix that promises to get everybody moving on the dancefloor. Thanks to them, we get a very refreshing remix of the amazing vocals by the danish vocalist MØ, and we can now listen to it on repeat without getting tired of the same song, once again.

We can say for sure that both, the upcoming duo Dirty Ducks, and the already heavily supported Merk & Kremont have a very big carreer in front of them if they keep up the great work.

Do you know what’s the best part? The track is given away for free! So give it a listen, and download it  if you liked their work.


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