Martin Solveig is back with +1

French producer, vocalist, DJ, tennist (like, what does he not do?) Martin Solveig is back at it again, and let’s say he simply nailed it.

Following the massive success he had with his collaboration with the influential duo GTA, Martin is giving “Intoxicated” an absolutely amazing follow-up with “+1”, featuring the vocalist Sam Smith.

+1 takes us to a whole new level of energy and makes us wonder who wouldn’t stand up at a house party or in a club when they hear this brand new production that Martin is delivering. With this being said, we can now start making our own conclusions that Martin is really trying new genres and exploring his enormous musical talent.

He may not release music on a regular basis as other artists do, however, when he does release new music, we can be sure that it will be an absolute banger, just like +1, which we are sure we will be hearing constantly for the next months all around the world.

Let’s hope that Martin didn’t just came to say “Hello”(see what I did there?), and be sure that we will be seeing more content coming from this french talent, who still does not know how to disappoint. But for now, let’s wait for this track to certainly be played everywhere you go.

Give it a listen while you watch the official video of the track (pretty excentric, Solveig style)



+1 is available on Spinnin’ Deep for purchase now on Beatport.

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