Nicky Romero

Nicky Romero – Lighthouse

Coming off the back of a busy festival schedule and extended studio time, Nicky Romero is back on our newsfeed’s with his progressive vocal single, “Lighthouse”.
With a purer, more traditional blend of sounds, Nicky’s diversity continues to develop, amounting in an amass of hit singles and remixes.

Breaking in with emotive vocals, loose guitar strings and light rhythmic drums, Romero develops the tempo and energy through the chorus before fading into the progressive kick-bass and melody. The heightened mood gives a sense of satisfaction to listeners, working in tandem with the lyrics to create a forward tendency.

With a return to limelight like this, Nicky Romero no doubt has many more tricks up his sleeve as the summer season rolls in. Being the 5oth release on his Protocol label and with its ever increasing roster of artists as well, we have no doubt Romero’s next chapter in his career will be one of progress and success.

Available now on Beatport .


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