Oliver Heldens teams up with Shaun Frank for “Shades of Grey”

Shaun Frank collaborates once again with a major producer, this time with young prodigy Oliver Heldens.

This tune is as expected, a very relaxing and really nice track, that instantly gets us in the summer mood. The vocals are in charge of Delaney Jane, who gives an even better feeling to the beautiful sound we get from Oliver & Shaun.

With a beautiful melody, a characteristical Shaun Frank drop with  an inmersing bassline from Heldens, the track is enjoyable from the beginning to the end. The lyrics are easily singable and Delaney’s vocals are an essential part of the song now. It’s easy to tell when a collaboration is good, and it’s when you can feel both parts of the producers.

We can already picture ourselves during the summer playing “Shades of Grey” on repeat.

Available June 22nd .


You can stream the lyric video on Spinnin’ Records’s channel below.

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