Porter Robinson – Flicker (Mat Zo Remix)

Flicker has just received an alternative take on the already alternative approach to music production taken by Porter Robinson.

Dropping the remix at a recent show in LA, Mat Zo shows his more aggressive, anthmatic side, finding solace and inspiration in Robinson’s darker elements and sounds within the original. Taking Flicker on a full-bodied ‘Drum and Bass’ infused rollercoaster, the Japanese themed predecessor shakes off its cultural flavour early on to give way to a more varied atmosphere.

Maintaining its choral effects, funky bassline, high tempo and melodic tendencies, Zo takes you on a journey culminating in an epic blast of sound. The high-powered approach takes the artistic layering so prone to Porter’s work to both lighter and darker places, throwing the normal electronic format out the window.

Topped with octane synths and chordal progressions to match, Zo’s construction is arguably more mind-boggling than Robinsons original, either leaving you craving it on repeat or saving it for a more suitable moment, a slightly more ominous mood maybe.

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