Robbie Rivera ft. Shawnee Taylor – Falling Deeper (Dave Winnel’s Energy Mix)

Axtone Records has become famous for their quality releases with Robbie Rivera ft. Shawnee Taylor – Falling Deeper no expectation to that reputation. Dave Winnel’s ‘Energy Mix’ remix of “Falling Deeper”, received its debut by Axwell Λ Ingrosso – not a bad starting place.

The captivating vocals of Shawnee Taylor don’t lose their hypnotic effect on the listener, with the quality essence of every Axtone release contained throughout. The progressive and subtle variation throughout gives the original more kick, more power, placing it well to suit the club scene worldwide.

The ‘Energy Mix’ combines elements of house and electro and, as per the title, transfers the original from a relaxed electronic vibe towards an accelerated tempo, inserting a high-intensity melody. Opting for richer, thicker, deeper sounds, Winnel continues his streak of impressive remixes, with the producer from down-under enhancing his catalogue of varied dancefloor hits.

Available now on Beatport / iTunes

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