Soundcloud facing one of their biggest issues so far

After pulling several artist’s music from their database, Madeon‘s for instance, Soundcloud may have one enormous legal problem due to the massive copyright infrigement.

If you follow you favorite artists on social media and they are active on Soundcloud, we are absolutely sure that you have heard at least one of them complaining about their music being taken off their account. And it is true that Soundcloud’s team is definitely not flawless but now, the problem is even bigger.

Madeon has complained several times with Sony for “holding the artists music hostage”, due to the label’s inefficacy to make a proper deal with Soundcloud.

Soundcloud’s team has to deal now with all big labels that have signed contracts with them, Sony Music and Ultra included. Basically, the labels are not happy with Soundcloud’s contract. It is important to mention that Soundcloud was getting their income in two ways, with the contracts agreed by labels and with the advertising on the page.

According to Digital Music News, Soundcloud was paying about 10.5 per cent of its revenue incoming from ads, and around 22 % on recording rights, as it was stipulated in Soundcloud’s leaked contract. As major labels are not happy with this, Souncloud will certainly face lawsuits, with a special regard to its CEO, Alexander Ljung, supposedly, for having a bad attitude towards the labels.

The world wide known webpage is showing once again how weak their platform is, and now they are getting complains from both, artists and labels, nevertheless, it is not entirely their fault if music is being taken down.

Rumors are now circulating on the internet and everybody has a personal opinion on this, but what we do hope the most is that the artist’s won’t be affected to keep publishing their music. Let us know what you think.

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