Spinnin’ Records launches remix contest, winner will be collaborating with KSHMR

Upstarting producers! Your opportunity to be collaborating with one of the bigs without writing comments on soundcloud, such as “hey m8, wanna collab?”, is right here.

KSHMR and Spinnin’ Records are giving you the opportunity to remix KSHMR’s latest release, “Jammu”, in order to be winning a collaboration with the producer in question. Second prize and third prize will get exclusive production packages, including the newest soft- and hardware.

Such contests have been organized by Spinnin’ ¬†Records before, willing to help upcoming producers to become a part of the scene, another example of where you can participate is the Spinnin’ Records Talent Pool.

If you’re willing to get your chance, head to the first talent pool remix contest‘s website.

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