Steve Angello Donates $5000 To Save Little Girl

It is no secret that Steve Angello is a charitable and kind human who is not a man poisoned by money and greed. The fact is that this talented musician even has his very own charity foundation called ‘Size Foundation‘, which has been working with projects all over the world, with the goal of making the planet a better place.

Just a few weeks ago the Swede released the much anticipated track ‘Children Of The Wild’ together with Mako, and on the release Steve announced that 100% of the streaming revenue generated by the track would go straight to the ‘Save The Children’ organization with its Nepal Disaster Relief Fund, helping the children of Nepal.

Another example of Steve generosity was seen just a few hours ago on the artists Instagram page when a user called @rydri commented on one of Steve’s photos asking if he would kindly go and check out his page on ‘Go Fund Me’. He had created the page for the purpose of gathering enough money to save his daughter Allie who is in need of a liver transplantation. The Swedish superstar who is a father of two himself, did the very unexpected that not many celebrities would have done… He visited the page and donated $5000 to help raise the money for the surgery to save Allie!

A truly heart-warming gesture made by the former Swedish House Mafia member.









If you want to help Allie and her family you can visit their Go Fund Me page HERE.