Subsix Nightclub: Submerged Underwater

Six metres below the utopian PER AQUUM in Niyama, Maldives, is where the worlds first Underwater nightclub can be found. Debuting in 2012, the truly one-of-a-kind experience has just received a major remodeling, and man is it slick!

To arrive at one of the worlds hottest clubs you will require a speedboat before descending via a spiral staircase, not a bad entrance to have before entering one the most unique party experiences club-goers will ever have.

Essentially an aquarium, the floor to ceiling glass walls, enclose and surround you with the natural beauty of the marine setting. With coral-themed decor, the atmosphere is likely nothing ever experienced before.

The venue is also available for expectedly expensive lunches ($165 a head) and private parties when it’s not sending sweet sweet club music soundwaves through the Indian Ocean.

Here’s a few images to get your senses tingling..



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