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The Chainsmokers will brighten up your day with “Roses”

New York city based duo, The Chainsmokers have been quite silent for a while now, but happily, they are back, and they are coming back bigger than ever. The duo who actually started with huge indie influences for their remixes, are back with a pop-ish but yet very refreshing production, with vocals in charge of the upcoming ROZES.

“Roses” will take you on a roll, but with a very chill touch given to it. Some people see some resemblance with the Flume track, others say it sounds like Major Lazer’s global hit “Lean On”, but it still feels like a very original production, with the typical Chainsmokers synths, kicks and leads. If you ask me my opinion, The Chainsmokers have a very unique style, even if they have been criticized to the moon and back for the release of the 2014 hit “#SELFIE”. If you know this duo for as long as we do, you’ll know that this track is the perfect proof that they are sticking to their original style, even if this time it as a more pop-ish feeling to it.

Just in time for the summer, these guys are back, and it does really give a very chill feeling into it. And whether like you like The Chainsmokers or not, you’ll have to agree that the track is of a very high production quality.

Available now on iTunes .


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