Third Party “Collide” With Daniel Gidlund

Third party have come a long way since their early days within the London club scene. After being involved with some of the biggest names within the electronic genre, such Swedish House Mafia and SIZE Records, the truly have come of age.

Their latest release on their own label ‘Release Records’, “Collide”, featuring vocals from Daniel Gidlund reflect a degree of class that only come with experience. A polished delivery with an ear for quality has taken the British duo to new heights. With Gidlund’s scene experience already with Vicetone and Dada Life, the near 7 minutes track is 7 minutes you certainly won’t want back.

With a return to ‘classic’ progressive house, the songs duration is validated, giving rise to an emphatic accumulation of sounds and layers. The fading in of Gidlund’s echoed and slightly distorted vocals, simultaneous with the first surge in tempo, the raw synths and building, distant, melody climax in the deeper, powerful surge of the progressive kick. Bringing the melody to the forefront, the artistic madness unleashes itself on the senses.

The futuristic bassline continues as the lyrics and melody wrap around again, giving the track an almost ‘Eric Prydz style’, leaving you with goosebumps again after the second phase of the progression. While leaving you so satisfied, yet craving more, there’s little doubt you will be returning to the depths of your music library, finding the folder marked as ‘Favorites’ or ‘Special’ and spending ample time reminiscing on the songs and their associated memories.

With continued developed such as this, Third Party are headed to become a force to be reckoned with in the not-too-distant future. Something we are anticipating will be rather special.

Available now at Beatport and iTunes .


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