Top 10 most Shazamed tracks in Ibiza

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Summer is here, and everybody knows what’s up. New house tracks being played in all ibiza clubs, from underground clubs, to internationally known ones, such as Ushuaïa. Let’s discover together what’s being played by checking the Top 10 played tracks in Ibiza, according to Shazam.

10- Art Department – Catch U By Surprise (Guy Gerber Remix)

Yes, one very long track for all the people partying on late nights. An Art Department remix in charge of Guy Gerber cannot fail. This one really has the sleepless Ibiza nigt vibe into it, for dark clubs with a few lights on and everybody dancing to the beat. Just to make it short, a tech house wonder.

9- Volkoder – Sensation

One sexy beat for this Top 10. With female vocals samples both on the build up and on this unreal drop. Brazilian talent Volkoder sure did a great job. I can assure you that if you listen to this you will be dying inside to be in Ibiza partying to this. With very immersive kicks and a nice snare as the accompaniment, “Sensation” is getting played on repeat and there’s no doubt why.

8- Kollektiv Turmstrasse – Sorry I Am Late

This one will get you pumped up. Tech/deep house duo Kollektiv Turmstrasse delivers one groovy masterpiece. Get ready to get moving to this one!

7- Gregory Porter – Liquid Spirit (Claptone Remix)

Yes, the same guy who got 68 tracks within five minutes in a single mix, the same one who gave us Dear Life,  is being played all around the island. Claptone remixed the american jazz vocalist Gregory Porter, and the result is even staying short, massive. With absolutely gorgeous jazz vocals from the men himself, and those funky beats along with a nice piano inspired drop gave birth to one surprisingly good remix. If you’re into jazz and most importantly into club inspired tracks, you should definitely check this one out. Amazing work.

6- Format:B – Chunky

Aww yeah, start practicing your best moves for this one because Format:B is going hard. Feel those vocals and those kicks, feel them! Plus, that bassline is beyond words. Well, we do envy everyone in Ibiza who’s dancing to this tech house “oeuvre d’art”.

5- Sam Feldt – Show Me Love (EDX’s Indian Summer Remix)

We got some big names over here. And those very specific names are a synonym of quality. Sam Feldt got the EDX treatment a few months ago, and it’s sounding hard on the White Island. EDX deliver non stop bangers, year after year, and for this summer you can get your hands on “Show Me Love”. Such a nice melody, beautiful vocals, and a very graceful drop. No questioning of why it is being played on repeat in Ibiza. EDX handing over quality once again.

4- Ten Walls – Sparta

Lithuanian talent, Ten Walls bringing a chill tune to this top 10 list. In Da Vinci’s words, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Beautiful in its own way, Sparta is unreproachably part of this top 10.

3- Tungevaag & Raaban – Samsara

Vocal tune delivered by upcoming duo Tungevaag & Raaban, and guess what, it’s not techno or deep house… or… err… anything you have heard before. But believe us on this one, if you want to hear one track of this top 10, it should be Samsara. One of the best nad most authentic drops of the summer. Even being upstarters, Tungevaag & Raaban have been topping the charts  with Samsara in Finland, Norway, Sweden, etc. Believe us now? Trust me on this, give it a try.

PS: That drop.

2- Elderbrook – How Many Times (Andhim Remix)

From the beginning, you feel completely immersed by that bassline. What follows is even better. Elderbrook received a majestic remix form Andhim. A very well deserved second spot of this list, enough said.

1- Martin Solveig & GTA – Intoxicated

French talent Martin Solveig and energizing duo GTA, known for fighting against genres, took the world by surprise with the release of the global hit, “Intoxicated”. Topping the charts on every music streaming network, and invading the whole internet, this tune is unsurprisingly the number one of this Ibiza summer. Is there anything needed to be added? Well yeah, let’s dance, no time for romance!

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