Tragic explosion leaves more than 200 injured at Color Play Asia in Taiwan

A truly tragic event happened in Taiwan just 3 days ago (6/27); an explosion caused 498 injuries with 202 severely injured and 1 death so far. Many of which are still waiting to be placed under intensive care due to the shortage of hospital spots. It took over 4 hours to evacuate the area, causing devastating delays for urgent medical cases.

The music festival named Color Play Asia utilized edible colored cornstarch powder as a means for a colored-themed party. However, the powder caught on fire for reasons unsure, setting many attendees on fire. When these victims applied the “stop, drop, and roll” technique to put out the fire, they got burned even worse instead because of the powder that accumulated on the floor throughout the party.

The Taiwanese government is currently working on establishing a legislation banning all colored-theme party with cornstarch powder. Also, the event organizer posted a one million dollar NT (30 thousand USD) bail yesterday, issuing a public apology and reassurance that he will take full responsibility of this tragedy.

The whole event is caught on camera, viewer discretion is advised!