“Wake The Giant” – Tommy Trash Is Back!

Tommy Trash, a name synonymous with a good time. From his characterising long hair and liquid progressive house tracks and remixes, EDM fans everywhere have no doubt experienced the talents of Australian ‘Tommy Trash’. Besides his collaboration with BURNS, Trash has been relatively quiet since the success of “Hex” with Wax Motif last year, but his latest single proves wholesomely he is back with vengeance for dance-floors all over.

With emphatic vocals from JHart, reflecting a title that follows Trash’s trend of original, random song names, the extended lyrics synchronise with the empowering build. Incepting with a melodic instrumental basis, Trash’s renowned high-tempo electronic layers culminate blissfully with a kick-bass led progressive drop, heightening the atmosphere towards a full-blown rave. With J Hart’s vocal leading the second wave of progressive fury composed by Trash, the track is destined for popularity.

While the wait for many of Tommy’s loyal fans have been long, the reward for their patience is conceived within the track. The euphoric auditory experience is one that sits comfortably among Trash’s finest works within catalogue. Not a bad starting place for his new round of material.

Soon to be released on Beatport by Armada Music.

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