We Rave You Radio – Episode 1 by Merk & Kremont

Merk & Kremont are two of Italy’s upcoming artists breaking onto the EDM scene. We Rave You was lucky enough to have their craft and creativity for the entire hour of their first ever podcast. With the massive success of their song “Get Get Down”, the duo’s work is certainly a force to be reckoned with in the near future.

Combining a diverse range of remixes with fan-favourite hooks, the inaugural We Rave You radio podcast hit’s off with a big house-infused bang. The Duo doesn’t hesitate to drop heavy artillery early on, dropping their loud and contrasting sounds in their typical hard and fast style, providing a party platform from the outset. Starting with Hardwells Mashup of their hit “Now or Never” with Linkin Park’s “In the End”, the standard is set very high, and continues to perform.

Continuing momentum towards a more aggressive middle-sector, Merk & Kermont display their more morphed, robotic sounds, combining them seamlessly with smooth transitions and melodic developments. Including many of their remixes throughout, the pair’s memorable signature sound characterises the first half of the podcast.

The second half see’s the atmosphere transform towards a greater progressive influence, bringing in more varied elements from funky synths with raspy edges to arcade-like drops. The hour rounds off with powerful vocal tracks and softer, longer progressions to bring your senses and emotions nearer a sustainable level.

Merk & Kremont have started We Rave You’s podcast catalogue in fine fashion, incorporating many of the EDM genre’s sounds and styles harmoniously, creating an elaborate balance between ‘festival-rave’ and radio-friendly material, culminating in a worthwhile hour. Or ten hours, if you end up repeating it like me. Either way it will no doubt be time well spent.

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