You’re god damn right, Bryan Cranston on stage with Above & Beyond.

He’s not the one who knocks anymore, from now on, he’s the one who pushes the button for Above & Beyond at EDC Vegas 2015.

For all those who live under a rock, Bryan Cranston is a major actor who has appeared in TV Shows and movies such as Malcolm In The Middle, the most recent Godzilla movie, and his most important role of all: Walter White in Breaking Bad.

Legendary trance trio, Above & Beyond, have confirmed in multiple occasions that they’re huge fans of Breaking Bad. Their level of fandom has reached the point that they made a song named “Walter White”, which you can stream below.

Note that Above & Beyond are not the only ones who have named their tracks in honor of Cranston, Anevo has done it before as well with a free release also named Walter White, which was edited by the man himself, Kryder.


Now, to the serious matter. Above & Beyond invited Bryan to push the button for them, as he said a few of his most important lines in the show. If you’re a fan of the show as much as I am, you will get goosebumps in no time, plus it’s Above & Beyond, who could be better than them to invite him? Above & Beyond uploaded the whole thing to their Facebook page.

Bryan Cranston aka Walter White Pushes The Button at EDC Las Vegas 2015Say My Name! Bryan Cranston a.k.a Walter White pushes the button for us at Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Las Vegas.

Posted by Above & Beyond on Sunday, 21 June 2015


In a very personal opinion, I’m glad that Bryan Cranston decided to join Above & Beyond on stage, because whether you like these guys or not, you know they have changed many lives with their songs. True musicians.

If you seriously haven’t watched that series, go to your Netflix account and start watching it now. Now.

On a side note, in case you liked the show, there’s a follow up, with the iconic lawyer Saul as the main character. Check out Better Call Saul.


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