ƱZ Talks Trap and Career In A Reddit AMA

Trap legend ƱZ recently held a Reddit AMA to answer a plethora of fan’s questions, and to help promote his massive Bittorrent Bundle release. The bundle is an absolute treasure chest of 45 originals, collaborations, remix’s, and even a “Trapslator” (ШῌỊϾῌ ⱢЄ₮Ϩ ΫØṲ ШЯỊ₮Є ⱢỊКЄ ₮ῌỊϨ), for the Trap Lords in all of us. Also included is his latest EP “Frontier”, which is a 4 set of brand new, grown up bangers from the masked musician himself. Unfortunately, we still don’t know who is under the mask, but he did answer many questions that pleased the trap fanbase.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite Q/A’s below:


1) How he feels about the current state of EDM.

2) We can expect to hear a variety of music in the future.



3) There’s a full-length album in the works.




4)  He’s that super secret new producer that everyone is asking about.




5) And of course, most importantly of all – who he really is. Nice try, Jack U.



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