15 Top DJs predict this year’s biggest tracks in Ibiza

No matter what type of music lover you consider yourself, no matter what kind of person you are, if you like electronic music, one of your main destinations will always be the White Isle, Ibiza.

2015 has been a great year for the dance music community so far, producers have started to evolve and develop their sounds and style, even the superstar DJs, such as Martin Garrix. The deep house train is also getting far more attention that it had been getting on previous years, with big producers trying to get on it every once in a while, the deep house scene is growing day by day and shows no sign of stopping. Despite all this change, the music being played during those non-stop parties in Ibiza are unique.

Wanna know which will be the biggest tracks on the island this year according to your favorite DJs ?

Here are the predictions of 15 superstar DJs written for Beatport, of which tracks will be the biggest and the most played in Ibiza, and consequently, around the globe.

Martin Solveig: Feder – Goodbye (feat. Lyse)


Martin Solveig was raised surrounded of music, and was part of a chorus during his childhood. The french artist is a wonder producer and a fantastic singer, so he know what he talks about. He believes that this year’s biggest track in Ibiza will be a production from his fellow-countrymen Feder, who dropped quite a beautiful production, of course, in terms of the characteristic Ibiza style.

“In terms of the record that I think is most likely to become the hit of the summer on the island, I would probably say ‘Goodbye’ by a young French dude called Feder. This may not necessarily be my personal fave, but it’s clearly a quality track and it emanates a sound that’s able to cross over the rather hermetic barriers between house, EDM, and tech/deep nights. I’d definitely put a chip on that one.”

Above & Beyond: Grum – U


Legendary trance trio, Above & Beyond, predict that this year’s biggest track on the island will be one of the tracks released on their iconic label Anjuna Beats. The tune in question is in charge of Grum and is titled “U”. Being completely honest, it is a huge record. Just imagine this superb masterpiece being played in a colorful club, exquisite isn’t it?

“We’ve been touring with Grum a lot over the last few months in Europe and the USA, and we really love what he’s doing. His new Anjunabeats EP, Trine, shows what a talented artist he is: lead track “U” combines classic Sasha/Digweed influences with a modern progressive sound. We think you’ll be hearing it a lot on the White Isle this summer.”


Amine Edge & Dance: Ryan Blyth & After 6 – Special (feat. Luther Soul)


Amine Edge & Dance, the british duo believes that Ryan Blyth & After 6’s future house tune will be one of this year’s biggest tracks, due to its perfect buildup for the Ibiza summer. Agree.

“This track instantly sticks in your mind from the get-go. We’ve played it a lot in the last few months, and it’s the perfect build up to Ibiza – a certified summer anthem. Luther Soul from Chicago provides its original vocal that’s reminiscent of ’90s house, and its soulfulness is definitely one for the girls, and you know what they say: ‘If girls love it, then everybody loves it!’” 



Nicole Moudaber: Nicole Moudaber & Skin – Someone Like You



Nigerian producer, Nicole Moudaber (yes, there are other female DJs other than NERVO) predicts that this year, one of the main tracks for the island will be one of her own, featuring Skin, who dropped a tech treasure. Unfortunately, the track has not been released, and only has a tiny preview. Release date has not been anounced yet, which is really sad once you hear the preview.

“This track has been hammered by all the usual suspects for a while now, such as Carl Cox, Chris Liebing, Adam Beyer and myself of course. It’s techno with vocals. It took me a while to get the balance between Skin’s euphoric vocals and the backing track I’ve done, but the whole floor stands still when this tune gets dropped – it just transports you to another world.”


Lane 8: Marc Houle – Pepper (Monkey Safari Remix)



Lovely tune for a sleepless night on Ibiza. Lane 8 shows to the world that Monkey Safaris remix of Marc Houle will be played on repeat, especially during the very early morning of the island. One captivating track, that’s the least we can say.

“To me, Monkey Safari’s mix of ‘Pepper’ epitomizes the leave-all-your-worries-behind attitude of Ibiza. There’s a lot of questionable music being passed off as ‘tropical house’ these days, but this beautiful builder makes me want to buy a one-way ticket to the island and camp out for the summer. ‘Eyes closed, sun’s going to rise in an hour and you’re not even a little bit tired’ vibes.”


Popof: Popof – Words Gone



Popof, the french talent believes that one of this year’s biggest tracks is one of his own, “Words Gone”, featuring vocalist Arno Joey. We can’t blame him for picking his own track, it really has a certain chill vibe that will get all the attendants in the summer mood easily.

“I can only think of one track for this Ibiza season, and in all modesty it’s my very own! For me, ‘Words Gone’ is the perfect summer track. It’s a great slice of electronic music with crossover appeal. The mood and the vocals distillate this chilled-out vibe…I really think it’s going to be big.”

John Digweed: jozif- Tell Me Sell Me


The legendary english producer, John Digweed, the once voted #1 DJ in a now apparently remote 2001, predicts that this Ibiza summer belongs to jozif. “Tell Me Sell Me” is one of the funkiest tunes in the list, and it will get dancing even the laziest one in the clubs.

“This track has more funk than Parliament, more percussion than Troublefunk and a bassline that throbs throughout your whole body. Fresh-sounding and crowd-pleasing. This is not deep house ­– this is party house. What more can I say?”


Patrick Topping: Terranova – Labrador



Am I the only one who absolutely loves long tracks, especially crafted for those dark nightclubs, with a few lights and/or lazers on, with everybody dancing to the beat? No, I’m not. Patrick Topping is with me. Terranova‘s classy tune will be played, no doubt everywhere on the island. Lovely.

“Kompakt is one of my favorite labels; I often love the synths in a lot of their tracks. This one from Terranova has a huge synth line in it, which becomes huge in the breakdown, and it sits lovely over the top when the track boots off again. Can see it causing some big moments this summer.”

Mark Knight: Mark Knight – Second Story


Lord Mark Knight sets the table, the turntable (lame joke, sorry) with real house, delivered by himself. This track is beyond words, basically like every single tune Mark releases. Summer anthem for Ibiza, right here.

“I wanted to find a slightly new musical angle this year. As anyone who listens to my radio show will know, I am a massive fan of disco, so I thought, why not to try fusing tech-y grooves with disco records? You get a mixture of funk, groove and energy.

Then you get a record that lends itself to be played in lots of different types of sets, which is cool, because it’s not pigeonholed into one genre. For me, the ultimate accolade a record can have is that it sits across a lot of genres.

This is the first in a series of these type of records I am about to release this year. I am going to do some thing I haven’t done in ten years: release a record with a different label. I have been a big fan of what Coyu has done with Suara, so I felt this would be the right home of this record.

Both myself and Nic Fanciulli have both been road-testing this now for about a month and trust me, it goes off. It’s called “Second Story,” which was Philly’s version of Studio 54. I shut me eyes and imagine what the original would of sounded like on that immense sound system.”


MK: Dantiez Saunderson & KPD – Place Called Home (feat. LaRae Starr)


MK recognizes the musical talent flowing through the Saunderson family, Dantiez Saunderson made a huge tune with KPD to adapt LaRae Starr’s perfect vocals for an Ibiza anthem.

“This is a record I’ve liked since Dantiez sent it to me a few months ago. I heard it right after I heard his other track, ‘The Harp’; I really liked that track too, but I had this feeling that ‘Place Called Home’ could actually become a summer favorite.

I really like the original version, it just has a great groove and really good vocal hooks. Simon from Defected spoke to Dantiez and Kevin and decided to pick the record up from KMS (Kevin Saunderson’s label) and then I said I wanted to remix it. So there you have it, listen for it this summer – I will definitely play it.”


Jonas Rathman: Booka Shade presents Yaruba – Black Cow



Jonas Rathman promoting Booka Shade‘s enormous talent, under his new identity: Yaruba. “Black Cow” is one marvelous track, trippy, dark but magnificent at the same time.

“I was sent this track very recently. It has become a such a big moment in my sets, and I’m sure that will continue over this festival season! The melodies in the breakdown are perfect, and when the bassline hits on a big system, it sounds so good. Roll on the weekend to play it again!”



Ilan Bluestone: Above & Beyond – We’re All We Need (ilan Bluestone Remix)


Undeniable, one master remix of yet another magnificent Above & Beyond track. Goosebump alert. Ilan Bluestone did a wonderful job.

“Above & Beyond have always been a huge influence for me and have helped every step of my career so far. ‘We’re All We Need’ was my favorite track from their latest artist album, so I was pretty honored when they asked me to remix it.

I’ve gone through a few different versions but I’m really, really thrilled with how it came out; it always gets the dancefloor going, and I’m looking forward to playing it in Ibiza and throughout the festival season.”


Thomas Jack: Jose Marquez – Belebo (feat. Kakatsitsi)


Thomas Jack introduces you to the Los Angeles based producer’s work, Belebo. Jose Marquez went completely different, with a brand new afrohouse tune. Really original, incredibly danceable. Makes you happy only by listening to it.

“I’ve been playing this one a lot over the past few months. It’s a really good track to break up the sets. I love the percussion and the vocals in the track; this one has a great uplifting vibe.”


Nic Fanciulli: Matthias Tanzmann – No Sleep


Really Nic? An unreleased track with no preview? Frustrating, but we can certainly expect nothing but the best from the german producer Matthias Tanzmann.

“Matthias and I have been friends for a long time, and it’s such a pleasure to have him on Saved for the first time. This record has been huge for me, and one I definitely think is going to stand out over the summer.”

Ferry Corsten: Gouryella – Anahera


Yes, thank you Ferry for including trance into this list. At last but definitely not least, Ferry Corsten presents to you the Gouryella project with the hit record “Anahera”. Perfect way to end this list, uplifting trance for the soul.

“After a long time, I suddenly got the inspiration for this fantastic uplifting trance melody that had a big nostalgic feel for me. Everything came together in the studio just perfectly. Giving ‘Anahera’ the Gouryella alias was the only possible option for me.”


Source: Beatport

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