23 year-old man struck by collapsing light tower at Electric Love Festival

One of the biggest EDM events in Austria, “Electric Love Festival” has come to an end this past weekend. They featured a high value production and an incredible line-up including the likes of Armin Van Buuren, Steve Aoki, Deorro…etc. It is up there as one of the most highly anticipated festivals every summer right along side of Tomorrowland and Ultra Europe. Unfortunately, it did not end on a good note this year.

It is one thing to die from a drug overdose caused by ignorance, then there is dying from an accident caused by careless construction. A 23 year old man was killed by a collapsing light tower brought down by the strong winds on Saturday evening. The direct hit caused severe injuries and despite the efforts on resuscitation, he was pronounced dead on the scene by the medics. It is a truly tragic and the EDM community suffers a huge hit from this event.

Though the organizer had beforehand knowledge with regards to the weather prediction that evening and attempted to repair the loose bolts on the towers, such predicament still could not be prevented. Our condolences goes out to the victim’s family and friends.

An official statement was released via Facebook by the festival yesterday: