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Prinz Adrian Johannes Hynne, rings a bell? No? Adrian Lux? Yes?

The “Teenage Crime” hit maker is back with another potential hit. Premiering on the latest Axtone Presents podcast, the Swedish DJ and Producer showcased his new tune ‘Torn Apart’ which will presumably be landing on the Axtone imprint itself. It’s always goosebumps when we are talking about a new Adrian Lux track, and this one lives up to all satisfy all the hype.

The Grammy nominee started the podcast with his upcoming single. Mellow sounds, guitar pluck sounds and mesmerizing blend indie sounding vocals and synths characterize the track in its entirety. This track is surely one to look out for and who knows, maybe we’ll be replacing ‘Teenage Crime’ with ‘Torn Apart’ on our Axtone playlists! The track and the whole podcast is available below. Adrian Lux showcases his influences and even gives a cheeky play to Fleetwood Mac. What a guy!

Track Preview :

Full podcast [Official] :