Apple Music to support Indie publishers with new contract

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Fresh out of Apple California’s development, Apple Music is going strong and wants to sit on the throne of streaming services. In order to help them to accomplish such a task, they are now signing independent publishers, with those names in specific: Beggars Group and Merlin.

The scandal made a boom on social networks when Taylor Swift decided to turn off the offer to have her music on Apple Music’s streaming service, for one simple reason: artists wouldn’t be payed during the three month free trial period. Masses of indie publishers and artists were against putting their music on such an unfair streaming service, and that’s why Apple Music simply decided to compensate them as well, during the free trial period.

This having been said by Apple, the artists and publishers were happy enough and are now signing contracts with Apple Music, with the likes of Beggars Group and Merlin. Even if Merlin was strongly against the fact of their music getting published on Apple Music, they are now happy that Apple reconsidered their offer.

Enormous shout out to Taylor Swift for standing against a whole empire. You win this time, Taylor.

Was it really that hard Apple?

Congrats to the indie publishers for their brand new contracts and let’s hope that they will get the biggest benefit as possible to support the artists, and especially the love for music.


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