Arno Cost Talks Career, “When In Paris” Events and Label Launch in 2016 In Exclusive Interview

Ever since he first made his presence known in the Dance Music world back in 2006, Vadim Arnaud Constentin, aka Arno Cost has been bringing us beautiful melodic tracks that helped shape the mainstream “progressive house” today. His unique french background-inspired, disco-infused, melody-oriented work has prove to be a recipe for success, gaining him a massive fan base around the globe.

We were able to connect with him and ask him some of the most engaging questions. Join us on the interview and take a peek inside Arno Cost’s mind:


-We are aware of your French background, which is a shared characteristic with many legendary producers including Daft Punk, Bob Sinclar, Sébastien Léger, and Cassius. Do they inspire your work? How does your background come into play with regards to your production?

I’m very proud to be french and blessed to have grown up with music of such artists in my ears. Of course their work has inspired me over the years, especially all the French touch from the years 2000. When I produce a track, I always put some melodies, emotions that I used to feel when I heard their music. Its important for me to share what I love through my music.

-Growing up, what genre of music did you enjoy the most? Who were some of your favorite artists?

I have focused a lot on progressive music those past few years. For me, that’s the genre that brings the most emotions to your head. Melodies, beautiful vocals… Thats where I come from ! Artists who inspired me a lot in this genre are people like Eric Prydz, Deadmau5..

-Do you have any plans on releasing an album in the near future? What should the fans expect from Arno Cost for the rest of 2015?

We are not thinking of an album for now, since we want to focus on releasing new singles, launching my new label in 2016 and rocking those When in Paris parties all over the world ! First one will take place in Paris on 4th of September in club YOYO (Palais de Tokyo), together with Kryder, Hard Rock Sofa, Norman Doray, Arias, RavenKis and Rob Adans. Can’t wait !

-What is your opinion on the current EDM scene? How do you think it will be in ten years?

I think we have heard a lot of hardstyle EDM lately and people are starting to be tired, same for radios. On the other hand, a lot of quality music is released everyday, new kids that make great tracks, new subgenres of house music emerging… That’s very exciting ! In ten years I honestly have no idea how it will look like, but we can expect quality and innovative stuff for sure !

-What advices would you give to the young producers out there?

I would tell them to work hard. It was hard already 5 years ago, it’s even harder today. Play the game on social medias and do your thing, don’t try to copy other producers. The hardest part is to have your own touch. 

-Looking at your previous works, “Paradisco”, “Strong”, and more recently “Coming Home”, they are all of different flavors. Are you experimenting new sounds? What will the signature “Arno Cost sound” be?

I don’t want to be stuck in one genre, so in every track, I start from zero, try different things, experiment different approaches. I think that’s important to keep the Arno Cost Sound but with a large spectrum of possibilities ! For the next upcoming tracks, you can expect something more house-y, vocal. And maybe some progressive tracks such as my old ones “Magenta” or “Cyan” !

-We’ve noticed that you have been consistently working with your fellow countryman Norman Doray. What is it like collaborating with him?

It’s always great to go together with Norman in the studio. We both have different ideas and it’s exciting to combine our styles, try different things. We are very proud of our latest tracks Strong and Rising Love ! We should have a new one together in 2016 !

-Do you plan on collaborating with any big names in the industry or take on a more mainstream approach to your future productions?

For now I want to focus on my solo projects. I have so many unfinished tracks that I want to work on and release ! Maybe next year I’ll start working again on collabs but thats not my priority for now. In terms of vocalists to collaborate with, I feel that it’s more about what a vocalist is capable of instead of him/her being a big name.

-We see that you are on tour in Europe right now. From your touring experience, what is your favorite venue/festival to perform at?

I’ve enjoyed a lot festivals like Tomorrowland or Creamfieds, but also countries like Croatia, Russia and of course Ibiza! I cant wait to be back there on 9th of August. Im playing with Nicky Romero at Amnesia. Im sure we gonna have a blast !!!


Apart from producing quality tracks, Arno Cost also hosts a radio show “When In Paris”, serving as an ode to the French feel-good music he adores so much. In fact, he will be making “When In Paris” a touring-event with its debut in Paris on September 4th and in Amsterdam in October (during ADE) with his fellow Protocol partner-in-crime Nicky Romero.

When In Paris_ADE

He will be joined by EDM heavyweights among the likes of Hardrock Sofa, Kryder, Norman Doray, Arias and more during this series of events. You can purchase your ticket to the show in Paris here (For ADE, here). Be sure not to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience!