Audien joins forces with Lady Antebellum for “Something Better”

This is one surprising cross genre track. Audien does not stop to impress at his young age, and he had been on an incredible roll so far. His collaboration with Lady Antebellum is really good but some of his die hard fans are not very happy with it.

Audien is known for sticking to his trance-progressive house roots, but this time he changed his style to a more radio friendly track. Radio friendly does not mean bad, this is something that many people need to understand. Audien and Lady Antebellum are delivering one great track, which shows a clear arduate work from both the producer and the american country group. Why would you even want to always stick to one single genre? Music is made to be explored, and cross genre tracks have very often a great result.

Let me put it this way, do you consider yourself a racist? Probably not. Then I suppose you support marriage between different ethnicities. How, please, tell me how this is different. Music works the same way. Do you think Billy Joel, Queen, Nirvana, or even Tiësto got their style in a pure way from their birth? No, it’s all about experimentation and combination. Nirvana’s grunge is the result of experimentation, same goes to Queen or basically any artist you want.

If Audien is releasing this great tune, it does not mean he’s getting away completely from his roots, and even if he does, if the artist does not love what he does, his music will be emotionless. Think about it, you want emotional tracks, tracks that will provide you a whole trip of emotions, but you don’t want your favorite artists to experiment? Sounds fair.

Audien, keep up the good work and produce what makes you happy, because believe me, if the artist loves what he produces, the result can be felt by his fans.

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